Meet Amanda

I am a leader, teacher and intuitive mother in service to women and their families. I am on a mission to change the landscape of birth, helping the collective move away from the fear-inducing medicalization of birth to a deeply sacred, devotional ceremony and prayer. I support women on the arc from maiden to mother, honoring the different phases of life, from conscious conception to empowered birth, from healing postpartum to mindful mothering.

I have always been fascinated with birth and was fortunate to witness my aunt give birth at age 15. Though that left a lasting impression, my story really began twenty years ago when I became a personal trainer. Being one of the only women in the industry at that time, I worked with dozens of pre- and post-natal mothers. Soon after, I became a competitive boxer, stepping into the ring with many female opponents. Eventually, I traded my gloves for a yoga mat and devoted myself to deep spiritual practice.

My dream of supporting birth came to fruition when a dear friend asked me to attend her birth as a doula. I found a true passion for witnessing birth and serving women in this way and since then, I have supported over fifty births. I also began hosting women’s circles and retreats to bring  ceremony, creativity, and connection to my community.

My husband and I took eighteen months to prepare for our first baby, using this opportunity to clean up our lives and create the space to mindfully become a family. When I gave birth to my daughter, everything shifted. I had a 70 hour, three-day homebirth. It was a pivotal moment for me, one that prepared me for motherhood in ways that I still draw from today.

When I got pregnant the second time, I took more of a sovereign approach, embracing a greater responsibility around my choices. I leaned into the magic and mystery of the experience and had another extraordinary homebirth but one that cracked me open in a whole new way. 


Most recently, I gave birth to my third child in a completely wild pregnancy and unassisted freebirth. This has become a peak moment in my life and one that required a ton of inner work, a steadfast vision, a solid support circle and a leaning in to a deep level of self-trust, agency and self-authority. Catching my own baby will forever be the best, most transformative moment of my entire existence. 


Having birthed three times as three different versions of myself in three different homes has provided me with a wealth of firsthand experience, a clear understanding of what kind of support is needed both during pregnancy and even more so in the postpartum continuum. I am super clear my work in the world is to walk women on their own paths, sharing my perspective and guidance while encouraging them to navigate their own journey. I hold the belief that women are the best experts and authorities over their bodies, babies and experiences. It is my intention to reclaim birth so we can remember our inherent power, wisdom, and wildness.

In addition to birth, I host monthly women's circles in my sacred temple space The Red Rose in the heart of the Pocono Mountains. Ceremony and ritual have largely been lost in modern society and yet, we are desperate for meaning, for opportunities to mark important milestones. We are craving to be held and witnessed in a circle of sisterhood, to remember the magic and mystery of gathering with intention, to reconnect with the Sacred Feminine and infuse it back into our every day lives. 


So whether you are looking to prepare for pregnancy, create a vision for your birth, devise an optimal postpartum plan or in deep need of ceremony, I welcome you here. I am honored to walk alongside you on this extraordinary path of womanhood. 

Education & Experience

Masters in Exercise Physiology, Columbia University
Bachelor of Arts in Education, Pace University
PreNatal Yoga Teacher, PreNatal Yoga Center
DONA¬ģ Certified Doula
RIE Foundations Course, Deborah Carlisle Solomon
The Complete Guide to Freebirth, Free Birth Society  TempleGuide Training, Priestess Presence Temple
Physiologic Baby Care, Rachelle Garcia Seliga
Postpartum Core + Restore, The Devoted Mamas
Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor, Yoga Thailand
2008 New York Golden Gloves Boxing Champion
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
CPR | AED Certified
B School, Marie Forleo
Yoga Intensives, Maty Ezraty
Assistant and Student, Marco Rojas
Ishta Yoga Bridge Program, Alan Finger
Anatomy Studies for Yoga Teachers, Jason Ray Brown
Body of Knowledge Anatomy Training, Laurel Beversdorf


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