What happens when you combine

powerful yoga

nourishing food

art and creativity

exhilarating adventures

and sacred circles

with the power of nature alongside incredible amenities with a group of really cool, inspiring people?

You get an experience that changes you forever. 

I have been assisting, attending, co-hosting and leading retreats for the past decade and I know the recipe for creating an unbelievable retreat experience. 

Now, more than ever, we need this. Trips that are more than vacations. Space and time to deeply rest, reconnect, play, heal and remember our shared humanity.  

This is why I host yoga, art and adventure retreats with my husband, artist Sebastian Alappat, founder of SPARK, a kids yoga, art and meditation program. I also hold women's retreats will soon be offering family retreats in Costa Rica!

Check out recaps of two of our past retreats here & here as well as a glimpse into the magic below. 

The Pocono Barn

The Pocono Barn is our century old retreat home and sanctuary and the Alappat Atelier is our art studio and gallery. It is in this magical space where we host one-day and weekend retreats, curated experiences, sacred circles and masterminds. Only two hours from NYC and Philly yet it feels like you are in another world.

International Retreats

Yoga, Art, & Adventure

Our signature yoga, art and adventure retreats are week long immersive experiences for adults only. Through our unique combination of passions, we create once in a lifetime experiences that fundamentally change all those who attend.

Family Retreats

Due to the challenges of the past year, families are in need of opportunities to process, heal and regain a sense of joy, fun and ease. This is why we are committed to creating retreats that the whole family can enjoy. Imagine a week where you and your kids are taken care of, where you can create lasting memories AND impact. This is going to be truly epic so check back again soon. 

Stay in the Loop!

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