What happens when you combine

powerful yoga

nourishing food

art and creativity

exhilarating adventures

sacred circles

powerful ceremonies

and incredible amenities

 with a group of like-minded, interesting, talented and inspiring people?


You get an experience that changes you forever. 


I have been assisting, attending, co-hosting and leading retreats for the past decade. It's been some of my most profoundly healing, life changing experiences and also, the most fun. I know the depth of transformation that can occur when we step away from daily life and travel with intention. 


Now, more than ever, we need trips that are beyond just vacations. We are desperate for the space and time to deeply rest, reconnect to ourselves, play like little kids and remember our magic.  


This is why I host yoga, art and adventure retreats with my husband, artist Sebastian Alappat, founder of SPARK, a kids yoga, art and meditation program. I also hold women's retreats and will be offering family retreats coming soon!

Check out recaps of two of our past retreats here & here as well as a glimpse into the magic below. 

Women's Retreats

Magic happens when women spend time connecting through yoga, ecstatic dance, delicious nourishment and sacred circle. Where we can let go of our roles as mothers and wives, step away from our household responsibilities and remember who we are as wild women. All my women's retreats combine movement, meditation, journaling, delicious food, ceremony and ritual to create a deeply powerful and incredibly fun experience.

International Retreats

Yoga, Art, & Adventure

Our signature yoga, art and adventure retreats are week long immersive experiences for adults only. Through our unique combination of passions (yoga and art), we create once in a lifetime experiences that fundamentally change all those who attend. From boarding down a volcano to watching sea turtles hatch, our retreats are perfect for those with adventurous spirits looking to grow through the power of travel, community and riding the edge of our comfort zones.

Family Retreats

Due to the hectic, over-scheduled lives of school, work and activities, families are in need of opportunities to connect and bond. We need time to strengthen the family unit. Which is why we are committed to creating retreats for the whole family that are both fun and meaningful. Imagine a week where you AND your kids can practice yoga, make art, have time alone, sit in circle, enjoy downtime at the beach....where you can all just breathe. This isn't your typical Disney World vacation, this is truly memory making magic!

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