Preconception Planning and Preparation

I know firsthand the importance of preparing for pregnancy. I spent 18 months prior to even trying to have a baby getting my body, mind, spirit, home and marriage as optimal as possible. I wanted to increase my chances not only of conceiving when my partner and I felt ready, but I also wanted the most nourishing womb for the healthiest, most robust child possible.

What could be more important?

I find it so interesting women spend months preparing for a wedding and yet direct no time, energy or intention around preparing themselves for likely what will be one of the most profound, demanding, transformational experiences of their lives! 

Clearly, you recognize the importance of the state of your health before getting pregnant and how it is vital for the overall health of your pregnancy and baby. It also can directly affect how you recover postpartum so the investment now pays off in the long run. 

I commend you taking the time and space to prepare yourself now and celebrate you as someone who deeply cares about not only about your future children but also your own experience in this process. 

Well done, mama.

This is the first and usually biggest step, especially living in a society that places no emphasis whatsoever in the preconception phase.

Because the truth is - whether this is your first baby or you are a seasoned mother, you can always benefit from cleaning up your diet, your home and your relationships.

It's an ongoing, devotional practice.

Living in alignment, with intention, with clarity, with support, with guidance and a clear vision can transform how you get pregnant and the ease of which you move through your pregnancy. It's a literal life changer.

So if you are ready to take responsibility to do the work and create the optimal conditions to consciously call you your baby, allow me to guide you in the process. 

Let's get started.  


Our work together will focus on: 

  • Optimizing nutrition to include fertility-enhancing foods + supplements¬†
  • Detoxing your home of harmful chemicals and products¬†
  • Financially planning for baby¬†
  • Involving your partner in the process¬†
  • Strengthening your marriage or partnership¬†
  • Creating a movement practice¬†
  • Rituals and ceremony for calling in your baby¬†
  • Accountability and support¬†


This package includes:

  • Five 75-minute coaching calls
  • Grocery and supplement¬† list¬†
  • Book and podcast recommendations¬†
  • Text and/or email support
  • Ceremony planning and creation¬†


$999 or 3 payments of $333

One-Time Payment
Monthly Payment Plan


Single sessions (60 min) are available for any of the above topics as well as the following: 

  • Yoga + Meditation¬†
  • Life Coaching¬†
  • Birth + Pregnancy Consulting¬†
  • Parenting Philosophy¬†

$175 or 3 session bundle for $450

Purchase Single Session
3 Session Bundle

I eagerly look forward to our sessions, as they have healed, helped, and strengthened me in body and in spirit.

- Holly S.

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