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Are you looking for connection and sisterhood with like-minded women? 

Then join us for one of our virtual or in-person events. 

While my passion is pregnancy and birth, I am also deeply committed to cultivating community among women. I believe that when we gather, magic is bound to happen. We all benefit from sharing our wisdom, owning our truth and telling our stories. 

We need each other more than ever.

I offer many events in different formats, from women’s circles to retreats. Some are virtual for our sisters who do not live close, while others are local to both NYC and PA. 


Check out what’s coming...


Women’s Circle

Every third Thursday of the month, we “sit” in a circle to unpack and digest a variety of topics, from self-love to antiracism work. This is our Virtual Village where we learn and grow together. $21 / circle 

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Village Prenatal

This women's circle celebrates the pregnant women in the community. It's an opportunity for birth dreams to be spoken and fears to be released. Held online and in person.

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Book Club

Reading a book feels so old-fashion in a time of excessive screens. Let's read in analog but connect in digital. Free!

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Birth + Blood Rituals

These sacred circles are to honor the rites of passage of womanhood. They are offered both privately for a personalized experiences or as a community offering.

These include a Mother’s Blessingway, a Baby Blessing,

Menarche Circle, or a Fear Clearing Circle.

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