Let's Gather in Circle

While my passion is pregnancy and birth, I also LOVE sitting with women in circle. There is something so ancient, special and deep when women gather with intention in ceremonial space. 


In our fast paced world, there is rarely an opportunity to slow down, to mark the end of chapters, to signify a new beginning, to give big life events proper acknowledgement, to move through transitions with more meaning. This is why I love the practice of women's circles. It fulfills the need for self-refection, community, spirituality, ritual and sisterhood. It allows for a pause, a moment of consideration, a touchstone, the creation of a new imprint. 


I myself have been healed in an instant sitting in circle and I have witnessed other women transform before my eyes. In circle, we become mirrors for each other. Our stories, our traumas, our pain, our joys becomes a shared medicine. We remember our magic. We remember we are not alone. In a way, it's a quiet dissent of the patriarchy, a rebellion against all the brainwashing and indoctrination, a reversal of all the lies we've been told about how we can't trust other women. Instead of competing, we collaborate. Instead of backstabbing, we support. And while all of our "stuff" can come up, triggers and wounds and pain, we work through it with patience and compassion as we undo lifetimes of being pitted against each other. 


In addition, I am deeply committed to bringing back the Sacred Feminine which is precisely why I started holding women's circles close to a decade ago. It has largely erased, forgotten, diminished or villainized but now more than ever, women are waking up. We are remembering our connection to the earth, to the moon and to each other. It is my great honor to be studying in the 13 Moon Mystery School to walk as a Priestess in my community and create a space for spiritual growth and divine connection. 


That space is called the Red Rose Temple and is located in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. It is here where we gather, drum, dance, pray, celebrate, sing, learn, grow and transform. 


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The Circle is Cast

 Women’s Circles

Women's circles are held several times per month, usually centered around different themes, the moon cycle and earth based holidays. We use these circles to heal the sister wound, gather with intention, step away from the monotony of daily life, slow down enough to reflect, become more self-aware, get clear on our dreams and remember that 

we are magic! 

Village Prenatal

This circle celebrates the pregnant women in the community. It's an opportunity for birth dreams to be spoken and fears to be released. Pregnant women get to feel loved, cared for and witnessed in a circle of sisterhood to honor this magical moment and emphasize the importance and great sacrifice pregnancy is. It serves as a touchstone for the pregnant women to show up for their births knowing they are powerful, supported, believed in and held.

Menarche Circle

This sacred circle is to honor a young woman's first blood as the rite of passage to womanhood. Most of us grew up without any knowledge, ceremony, respect or understanding about the power of our blood and how to live in sync with our cycles. Honoring this monumental moment for a maiden is a way for her to alchemize the embedded shame around it and instead embrace it with reverence and joy. It also serves as a way for all of us to reconnect to our wombs, tap into our ancestral lineages and change how we treat, view and love our bodies

Upcoming Circles

Below are the upcoming circles being held at the Red Rose Temple. In order to sign up, click the button below. You will be directed to Venmo in which you can send payment to secure your spot. Most circles are $33 but please be sure to check individual invite. Don't forget to mention what circle you are planning to attend when signing up. 

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