Who will be the first to touch your baby?

birth motherhood pregnancy Feb 22, 2021

Who will welcome baby into the world as its first introduction to life and human contact outside the womb? Your hands? A gloved hand? A stranger? Your partner?


For my first birth, it was a combination of my husband and midwife mostly because I had been laboring for three days and was incredibly exhausted. At that point I really didn’t care because I just wanted it to be over. I was also flat on my back (by choice) so I really didn’t have a great angle to reach down and embrace my baby as she emerged.


For my second birth, I was the first one to touch my baby. Starting with his head and then his whole body as I leaned over and guided him out. I requested help because he was long and slippery but the first person to lay hands on him was me.


For this birth it was important to me because I wanted to feel full authority, full freedom and full control. And because every time I envisioned my dream birth I saw this exact scene.


I say this all because most women don’t even know, realize or recognize that this moment is yours to claim if you want it, if this is important to you.


This is your baby and if you want to be the very first skin he or she feels, then make it know to anyone and everyone who will be at your birth that you will be catching your own baby.


No one has to give you permission.


Because think about it. Your baby has only know you - your body, your breath, your heartbeat. Wouldn’t it make sense than that the first person who greets them as they enter the world is you, especially in the moment when one becomes two?


Just another way to rewild birth and remember what’s yours.


Oh and just so we are clear, no one delivers your baby but you

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