A Village Prenatal Prayer

motherhood prayer pregnancy sisterhood womanhood Feb 18, 2021
Divine Feminine, 
Please be with us in this sacred circle.
Allow us to honor, nurture and serve the pregnant women among us 
So that they remember......
This intimate feeling of belonging 
Of being cherished, seen and respected 
With a real, deep sense of safety
May they know......
How to build and trust their instincts 
How to find and speak their truth 
How to reclaim their natural wisdom 
And rewild their birth 
By taking their time
Trusting their babies and bodies 
And wearing the aura of holiness
As they are carriers of our shared humanity 
May they realize.....
As they cross the threshold into motherhood 
That no one has their knowing 
Be with us today
As well as at each woman's unique birthing time 
So they and their babies
May be born into the warmth of love and peace. 

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