The Bar for Birth is Too Low

birth motherhood pregnancy Feb 28, 2021

The common mantra in our society is to have a "healthy mom and baby."

 And while OF COURSE that is what we all want, it's actually code for a mom and baby that end up alive after it's over. 

It totally disregards the actual birth process.

 It doesn't let women know that birth can be the most transformative moment of their lives.

That doesn't factor in that birth IS a rite of passage even if it's not treated as one.

That, for better or worse, it informs how we go into mothering our children.


Are we left feeling empowered, confident, connected, respected?

Or do we feel traumatized, violated, confused, disorientated?


Women are led to believe that how we birth doesn't matter so we agree to drugs and tests and unnecessary interventions all of which give over our power.


We hand over the keys to the kingdom and suffer painful consequences for doing so.


Which is why my mission is to help women remember that BIRTH MATTERS. The decisions you make around how your child will be born matter. How you are treated matters. Who is supporting you matters. Who you are trusting matters. The protection of the process matters. Making sure you are making informed decisions matter.


We are made to fear....the process, the pain, our bodies, our abilities when in reality, we are so deeply CAPABLE.


Let me help you reclaim your right to birth your baby in power. Let’s, in addition to the obvious “healthy mom and baby,” we also add the importance of having an incredible, powerful, fully consented to, respected, protected, safe and beautiful birth

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