How do you define Self-Love?

motherhood womanhood Feb 22, 2021

What is self-love?

How do you define it?

 Is it...

Regard for your own well-being?

That which makes you happy?

 An inherent sense the being is enough?

And worthy?

 Is self-love...

 Value on what you need, like, want or enjoy?

 Or direct access to your highest Self?

 Is it intentional time with yourself?

 Or accepting you just as you are?

 Is self-love food, movement, mindset, sleep, friendships, goals, dreams, values, or your truth?

 Is it...

A daily practice?

A once in a while?

A “I’d rather not”?

 Is it a secret you don’t want to look at?

 Maybe it’s a sacred relationship with yourself. Seeing yourself through God’s eyes. Learning to love whatever arises.


Getting rid of old beliefs and changing the programming so we come to know that we deserve to love ourselves even if we are not healed or perfect or skinny or rich.

Even with all these divine imperfections.

 Maybe, in essence, it’s just this...

 A remembrance and an acceptance of our innate worthiness.

 The definition is ours to claim.


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