How Boxing + Birth Overlap

birth motherhood pregnancy Feb 28, 2021

Do you know I used to be a competitive boxer?

For six years, I trained and worked my ass off to become a champion.

 I think about that chapter of my life often and realized boxing and birth have so much overlap.

I am not suggesting that birth is like stepping into a ring for a fight, that is, of course, unless you choose a system where fighting is necessary.


What I am more referring to is the preparation I did for boxing was and is similar to how I prepared for birth.


Let me break it down....


For both, I had to:


Get my body in top shape.

Work on my stamina and endurance.

Get well accustomed to physical sensations.

Learn to be fluid, flexible and adaptable.

Eat foods to nourish, strengthen and support.

Secure people in my corner.

Put trust in my team, myself and my capabilities.

Develop fierce mental toughness.

Cultivate deep reserves of courage.

Learn how to be completely present.

Vist my edge often.

Have clarity of purpose.

Face and own all the fears.

Embrace uncertainty.

Commit to doing what others told me wasn't possible, too dangerous, too risky.

Find and live in alignment with body, breath, mind and heart.

Visualize the outcome I wanted.

Believe it to be true.


Above all else, boxing and birth required unwavering faith in myself. In fact, it demanded it.


My point and opinion is that birth requires training on so many levels. It asks us to be prepared, physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally. And that means doing the work you feel necessary.


When I stepped into the ring, it was all on me. The same is true for my births. It was all on me.


I relied on my training, I leaned into the support. But ultimately I had to face the fire and walk through it alone.


Because no one can fight your opponent but you. No one can birth your baby but you.

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