Gratitude + Trust Prayer

prayer women's circle Feb 23, 2021

 Dear Divine Feminine, 


With a grateful heart, I thank you. 

My life is extraordinary and full of love.


I feel divine precision. 

I am open, take leaps, listen and do less. 


I am a leader, teacher, facilitator and visionary

with the perfect people, in the perfect place at the perfect time. 


I feel my own rhythm

and understand my true essence. 


I am vulnerable and work through uncomfortability. 

I expand my trust

and leave room for big magic.


I ask, I receive.

I am in my joy and let go of perfect. 


I remain surprised, humbled and celebratory. 

I meditate on support. 

I am clear. I am stillness. 


I allow today to change me. 

Let every opportunity transform me. 


With an open heart, I share, illuminate and serve. 


I follow the unfolding.

I trust the journey. 


With peace and ease. 

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