Do you want an epic relationship with your partner?

Have your children added to more strain on your marriage? 

Do you find yourselves as roommates, friends or business mode and almost never in romantic, lover mode? 

Is your connection been deprioritized to the bottom of the list? 

Do you feel resentful, indifferent, angry or disconnected towards your significant other? 

Ready to do things differently, recommit to each other and start fresh for the new year? 

Then we invite you to join us for........


A one day couples retreat for those ready to 

DREAM up their ideal relationship

DESIRE more than they currently have

DARE to move marriage to the top of the list 


Friday, December 30th 

10am - 5pm

Kunkletown, PA

Claim one of the 10 spots!

What's included in New Year New Us One Day Retreat?

  • A morning movement practice at the Red Rose Temple to ground the body and center the mind
  • A nourishing and delicious brunch spread prepared and served by a private chef
  • A workshop held at the Alappat Atelier to create a Relationship Road Map for your specific relationship goals and agreements 
  • A couples circle held in ceremonial space to recommit to yourselves and create new vows 
  • Afternoon snacks and tea 
  • Two follow-up coaching calls on Zoom to hold you and your partner accountable, one in January and one in March

Is New Year New Us right for you? 

Is this program for you?

Maybe you've been married for years and the spark feels barely lit.

Maybe you're new parents and now realizing a baby has changed everything. 

Does one of you feels touched out and the other feels untouched?

When's the last time you went on a date? Spent time connecting, or is romance a long forgotten dream? 

Do you speak to each other full of resentment, nagging and complaining?

Is the worst side of you what your partner sees?

Do you blame them for everything that's wrong?

Maybe it's just that you want an epic marriage and know its curently a mix of feeling lost, overwhelmed and frustrated. 

It's no surprise that most couples are unsatisfied, miserable, burnt out and disconnected. Then kids come into the picture and then you're truly tested. We lack powerful examples of what thriving couples look like, especially those with kids. It's almost expected that marriage is supposed to suck and while we agree it can be hard, why does no one place any emphasis or importance on cultivating connection?

We live in a society where the self is centered. Just walk through any book store and there are rows and rows of how to become your best self. But how to be in an excellent marriage? How to stay connected after years and years of being together? How to remain lovers while also parents? Almost non-existent. 

That's where we come in. We are committed to creating experiences for couples to connect and thrive

We know how challenging it can be to SHOW UP for each other. It is so easy to be in default mode, hoping and wishing that the relationship can grow and evolve but never actually putting in the time, effort and intention to make it happen. 

This is our shared vision behind New Year, New Us one day retreat. It's not enough to make some resolutions without even considering your romantic partnership. We are hoping this one day immersion moves your marriage to the top of the list and becomes utmost priority when thinking about your new year. 

We want you to think ahead to December 30th, 2023.

Will things be exactly as they are now, old, stagnant, stuck and outdated or will you be more connected, aligned and IN LOVE?! 

The choice is yours. 

Hi, we're Amanda + Sebastian 

As parents, entrepreneurs, business owners and partners for over a decade, when know intimately how challenging marriage is in this modern world. 

We have had our fair share of challenges, ranging from cultural differences, overwhelming in-laws, financial stresses and strains, lack of a village, different coping mechanisms and various childhood wounding. 

And while we knew we loved each other and wanted to be together, our marriage was stale, stagnant and outdated

On our 9 year wedding anniversary, we looked at each other and wondered why everything had evolved in our life EXCEPT our marriage

We had done so much work on ourselves as individuals but almost ZERO attempt at making our connection juicy and joyful. 

We had ended up in default mode, taking each other for granted, secretly becoming resentful of all the things unspoken, never prioritizing our marriage because everything else seems more important and pressing. 

But here's the thing. We didn't just want a mediocre marriage yet we had no one to look up to, no one who had the marriage we desperately wanted and craved. We also didn't want to wake up in 20 years, look at each other and dislike who we saw. We didn't want to *just* be great parents and friends but lackluster lovers. 

We knew we needed an overhaul. 

So we committed to the work. Took a marriage course that changed everything. Made new agreements. Owned our part in the equation. Forgave past patterns. Held each other accountable. And most importantly, started dating each other again, making it an absolute necessity to spend time together OUTSIDE of the family, business and household responsibilities. 

And guess what? 

We have never been happier. 

At the end of this retreat, we promise that you will...

  • Feel more clear and connected to your partner
  • Know exactly what you need to work on for 2023
  • Have actionable steps and agreements to help you achieve your goals
  • Have a built-in system of support and accountability
  • Understand the power of prioritizing your relationship 
  • Recommit to each other in a powerful vow renewal ceremony 

So what's next?

Since this is a small group experience, 
spots are limited to 10 couples.


If you feel called to join us, reserve your spot now


Friday, December 30th 

10am to 5pm



$499 per couple

(or two payments of $250)

Pay in Full
Pay in 2 Installments

Ready to go for it? 

Don't let another year go by without making a conscious effort to make your relationship better. New Year, New Relationship. New Start. New US. 

We are IN!