The mother of all re-invention

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Are you looking for a community of motivated and brave women who will support you on your journey of self-discovery
Do you need time, space, guidance, and accountability to help you achieve your goals
Are you excited to change your life but need a roadmap to do so?
Do you want to give birth to a baby, a project, a relationship, or a business? 
Are you ready to fill up your cup, create space for you and prioritize your
health, happiness and dreams?  
Do you yearn to sit with women in circle with respect and reverence for listening, holding space, sharing truth, and storytelling? 
Do you want to make new friends or potential business partners who align with your values and can assist you in leveling up in life?

Then join us for Mama Mastermind, a 7-week group coaching program based on the seven energy centers of the body combining new age and traditional practices. This is accountability coaching that will guide you in upgrading your life - spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

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Each week we will focus on a different energy center and how it relates to our life. We will start from the root and work our way up to the crown so in a very literal sense, we will level ourselves up over the 7 weeks together.


Each week will include:

  • Journal prompts and reflection questions to help create a guide for your week
  • A two hour women’s circle + group coaching session on Monday at 8pm EST 
  • A weekly yoga class based on each chakra 
  • A live one hour Q+A on Fridays at noon
  • A pre-recorded meditation track for each energy center
  • A private Facebook group for extra support, discussion and accountability

*All sessions will be recorded if you cannot attend the live versions


Plus, you will also receive...


Free attendance to all of our monthly women’s circles

One virtual private 1:1 with either Amanda or Heather 

Email support throughout the whole program 

A recommended book list 

Discounted access to Women’s Virtual Strength 8-week program + Grassroots Fitness Project Virtual Fitness classes



How is Mama Mastermind different from the rest?


While we are Alpha females, urban dwellers, veteran personal trainers and seasoned entrepreneurs, we are also mothers, birth workers, doulas and divinely connected women. 

We merge coaching and accountability with the spiritual practices of yoga, breathwork, meditation and women’s circles. 

While most programs focus on the cerebral approach, we at Mama Mastermind encourage you to lead with your heart and trust your inner knowing. When we allow both our intellect and intuition to guide us, we can create magic.

Is this program for you?

Is this program for you?


Though called Mama Mastermind, this is for ALL women, even if you don't have children and don't plan to in the future! 

It's for any woman looking for a guided pathway towards her most authentic self.

It's for women that feel called to try or create something new but may not yet have the confidence or support system. 

It’s for women that hold sisterhood sacred and want new connections with like-minded soul sisters who can help advocate for their new ways of being.

It’s for women who want to do the work, need to do the work, who may be terrified but are willing to jump in. 

It’s for women who feel a calling, who want to learn to be bold in their convictions, brave in their actions, and willing to show up for themselves and each other. 

It’s for women who are looking to move beyond their comfort zone, into the sweet spot of vulnerability with a desire to be truly seen, heard and accepted. 

Mama Mastermind is empowerment for women to listen and embrace the inner voice that speaks truth.


Amanda is a coach, teacher, leader and visionary. She is a 20 year personal trainer, a yoga instructor, birth worker and homebirth mama to two small children. She has been working with women throughout her career, from teaching them how to squat to how to birth in full power and authority. She used to be a champion boxer and spent many years going toe to toe with women but now prefers to sit with them in circle. She and her husband host yoga, art and adventure retreats at their barnhouse and art gallery in PA as well as family retreats in Costa Rica. She is an advocate of respectful parenting, is a practitioner of RIE, supports physiologic birth and mothering and loves to grow her own food. 



Heather is a modern mama living in NYC and trying her best to raise two daughters who will respect and honor their inner wisdom. She and her husband own the fitness company, Grassroots Fitness Project, in NYC, where she has been a personal trainer for 20 years. Three years ago she started a program, Women Strong, to invite women to explore their power and disrupt societal notions of strength. Professionally, she is also an accountability coach, a level 2 reiki practitioner, and a birth doula. She has started 3 non-profits and seeks to bring change to her community through everyday action.


By the end of 7 weeks, we promise that you will...

  • Feel more clear and connected
  • Know exactly the areas of your life that need more attention
  • Have a specific roadmap outlining action steps to help you achieve your goals
  • Truly understand your “why” and "what's next"
  • Have a built-in system of support and accountability
  • Understand the power of sitting in circle with other women
  • Enjoy new female friendships
  • Have an increased sense of physical and mental strength
  • Appreciate how the 7 energy centers are a tool for self-discovery
  • And most of all, that you are seen, heard, supported, and inspired to continue leveling up!

So what's next?

Since this is a small group experience, 
spots are limited to 16


If you feel called to join us, reserve your spot now


Program dates: September 27th through November 12th

Early bird price (until September 7th): $999

Regular price: $1200

So what's next?


Since this is a small group experience, spots are limited to 16

If you feel called to join us, reserve your spot now

 Dates: September 27th to November 12th

Early bird price (until September 1st): $999

Regular price: $1200

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